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another sleepless night

i can´t sleep. had such a great positive weekend, which actually surprises me.usually my weekends suck but this time i enjoyed it. i was thinking about my so-called friends at school and how they always come to me and let me be their problem solver. i don´t care about it, but i so appreciate the people who talk to me about their problems but listen to mine in return. i tried to be the light hearted person this weekend, and i did that very well i guess, even had fun.
i got a typewriter today, coz i went to a garage sell and begged my mom´s bf to buy it. it makes a great loud noise while writing and i bet he´ll regret having bougt it.
me and a girl who is in my latinclass we created a religion this wekend, it´s called "association of the animal´s right to talk about itself as a being who posseses a soul" and the ruler/god is "attila" ( my cat). the reason why we created it was that my cat is going to die soon.he´ll turn 11 this year and he´s a great guy.actually it was just foolish stuff and creating our religion too.i dunno i like that girl, she surely is a better friend than my so-called ones are.and plus: she´s not making me depressed.and she´s german so i don´t have to speak english, which i lately feel i suck at
"is it any wonder i can´t sleep? all i have is all you gave to me, is it any wonder i found peace? through you"
the later it gets the more frustrated do i get, so, sorry
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